Mark, one of grandsons, and I were having a discussion. We got on the topic of quantum mechanics. I told him that it has been discovered that two particles, born at the same at the Big Bang, though they be at opposite “ends” of the universe, would respond in exactly the same way at the same time. Particle twin X is at the far end of the universe. Particle twin XX is at the antithetic end. When particle twin XX is stimulated, say by light, particle twin X responds in exactly the same way particle twin be did. This corresponding reaction over an infinite distance between the two twin particles. The response in both occurs at faster than the speed of light also. (Which Einstein had declared was all the faster anything could move.)

That is, communication between the two particles happens faster than light can journey.

Then our grandson said something that I found interesting enough to make a note of. He said, “Well, that doesn’t affect my life. So I won’t care about it.”

His reasoning, to a point, was flawless.